Shatta Wale lashes out at Ghanaians claiming he copied Burna Boy on his latest single (Shatta Wale news)

Ghanaian superstar Shatta Wale is once again in the news and this time, he has a word for his distractors who are mocking him for copying Burna Boy on his new single.(Shatta Wale news )


On Friday, 20th October 2022, Shatta Wale released a new single titled 'Cash Out'.
The mid-tempo song has a composition and a delivery similar to Burna Boy's style. The similarity has drawn criticism and mockery from Ghanaian fans who claim Shatta Wale is attempting to glean a hit by copying the Grammy-winning megastar.
'If you don't know music don't talk': Shatta Wale has reacted to the criticism as he demands that fans who don't know music are the ones making the misguided comments about him copying Burna Boy on 'Cash Out'.
"Your brother drops song and it's doing well. Instead of supporting the song, Ghanaians are busy saying he copied Burna Boy. It's a shame...Let me tell you something if you don't know music just shut up. Everybody sings and everybody does music," Shatta Wale said in the post.
Fans have criticised other Ghanaian musicians before Shatta Wale for emulating Nigerian musicians and sounds. In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, Ghanaian artist Camidoh said that his music isn't just for Ghanaians and that only confused fans would condemn him for sounding like a Nigerian.

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